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VET Qualification Benchmarking in Vietnam and Philippines

VET Qualification Benchmarking project in Vietnam and Philippines

Project title: Vocational Education and Training Qualification Benchmarking and Development Project (Australia, the Philippines and Vietnam) 
Timing: January 2015 – June 2016
Location: Vietnam and the Philippines
Client: Department of Education and Training, funded by the    Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Government Partnership for Development (GPFD) program

The background

Vietnam and the Philippines have seen rapid economic growth, quickly becoming Industry hubs in the Southeast Asian region.
Despite the presence of competency based education frameworks and systems, a lack of industry involvement has contributed to a skills mismatch in the qualified labour pool. To rectify this, the project was established to build the capacity of public sector organisations in the Philippines and Vietnam to engage industry in their technical and vocational education and training (TVET) systems.

The opportunity

SkillsDMC was engaged as an implementation partner by the Department of Education and Training to support the development of occupational standards aligned to Industry operational needs in Vietnam, the Philippines and Australia which could be used for benchmarking of qualifcations in each of the countries. This development provided the opportunity for capacity development of public sector officials in establishing industry led systems for the development of TVET systems and products. In this capacity we took part in in-country visits and technical workshops, provided a two-week secondment with SkillsDMC for TVET professionals from the participating countries, and worked closely with the relevant public sector organisatons to achieve the goals of the project, targeting the development of Industry engagement strategies, the development of regional occupational standards and benchmarking qualifications against these regional standards.

The outcome

The project aims to align TVET programs with local or regional Industry needs, supporting the long term sustainable development of the region.