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Sustainable Skills Who we are

Sustainable Skills is a global, not-for-profit consultancy that develops and supports effective technical and vocational education and training (TVET) and education systems worldwide.

Sustainable Skills, by sharing international best practice, provides innovative services that build TVET and education system capacity in developing countries, empowering individuals to meet their full potential and increasing local employment. Developing people with skills that match labour market demand has the potential to transform lives and enable economic growth and prosperity. Building capacity in countries’ education systems enables those systems to offer learning for life and learning in disciplines that matter socially and economically.

With nearly twenty years’ experience shaping and maintaining training and education systems and frameworks in Australia and around the world, we understand what is needed to meet industry, labour market and learning needs.

Sustainable Skills What we do

Sustainable Skills:

  • Connects governments, industry, international development aid agencies, education providers and communities to build effective TVET and education systems, skilled workforces and participants who grow as they learn
  • Facilitates partnerships between Australian and international organisations
  • Identifies the needs of countries and tailors unique solutions, consulting with the highest level of government to the on-the-ground workforce to ensure systems works
  • Shares Australian experience and best practice
  • Advises local decision makers and builds their capacity to develop and review skills and education policies
  • Provides strategic workforce forecasting and analysis to underpin the development of TVET systems and policy
  • Offers skills in educational resource development to meet local needs and the challenges facing developing countries.

Benefit of the Australian TVET System:

  • Demand-driven and industry-led – matches the skills demanded by industry and the skills supplied by the training sector
  •  Focus on skills’ application rather than on theory– gives employers confidence that graduates are job ready
  • Scalability and flexibilitycan be delivered intensively or broken up over a period of time
  • Nationally and internationally recognised– affords individuals portability of skills

From SkillsDMC to Sustainable Skills

Sustainable Skills brand is born as a result of the transition that SkillsDMC undertook in 2016, with the aim to enhance our consultancy experience in building effective TVET systems worldwide and supporting capacity building in education systems.

As SkillsDMC, we held the Australian Government Industry Skills Council (ISC) contract for the Resources and Infrastructure Industry (RII) Training Package for fourteen years from 2002 to 2016 and during this time we also developed a range of Learning and Assessment Resources for many of the units in the RII Training Package.

In May 2017, the SkillsDMC brand evolved to Sustainable Skills and we want to continue following our course of applying our proven methodology across a broader range of sectors. We believe that our expertise together with Australian best practice can support the development of successful training and education systems, particularly in emerging countries, to ensure equal access to quality education, lifelong learning, and employment opportunities for all.

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