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Modelling a harmonised skills council for Africa

Modelling a harmonised skills council for Africa

Project title: Modelling a harmonised skills council for Africa
Timing: April 2014 – May 2014
Location: Africa
Client: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Government

The background

The Africa Mining Vision (AMV) sets out how mining can be used to drive development across the continent. To support the implementation of the Vision, the African Minerals Development Centre has been established, with the intention of identifying and overcoming challenges to implementation of the AMV. A key impediment has been identified as ‘building human and institutional capacities’. To remedy this, the establishment of an African Minerals Skills Council was considered as means to respond to coordination challenges and to provide a conduit between industry, governments, regional economic commissions, and other stakeholders.

The opportunity

SkillsDMC’s experience as the Australian Industry Skills Council for the Resources and Infrastructure Industry made us an ideal project partner for the development of an options paper for governance arrangements for an African Mineral Skills Council. This work involved identification and evaluation of existing models internationally, the presentation of options for the governance structure for the African
Mineral Skills Council that would achieve the objectives set for it, and a recommendation on the most suitable option to proceed with.

The outcome

SkillsDMC delivered an options paper to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on the development of an organisation to perform the role of a central competency advisory body across Africa.