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Maria Doyle Bio

Maria Doyle is a qualified teacher trainer, curriculum and learning resource developer with over 20 years’ experience in the primary, secondary, vocational and tertiary sectors. Maria is currently working with Sustainable Skills as the Online Learning Specialist for the Fiji ‘Head of Schools’ Skill Development Program.

Maria has extensive international experience, teaching, teacher training, developing and managing courses in Australia, Indonesia, Japan, the UAE, the UK, Hong Kong, Samoa and Kiribati. Her areas of expertise include curriculum development, teacher training, project management, assessment and evaluation, and also language and communication skills.

Maria has spent the last 5 years working with organisations helping them to systemise, optimise and digitalise their expertise, into learning experiences that engage, inspire and motivate their clients to create real change in their lives. It’s her life mission to take the lack-lustre courses, workshops and presentations of this world – both virtual and live – and transform them into ‘it-changed-my-life’ experiences.

Nothing lights her up more than teaching, learning, travelling and helping others become better at what they do. Until April 2012, she was working as the Senior ESL Education Manager on the AusAID funded TVET Sector Strengthening Project in Kiribati; a project that took vocational education and training, and long overdue teacher training, to a remote Pacific country.

Maria has proven skills and expertise in:

  • developing curriculum for vocational and higher education and in the business and government sectors
  • digitalising and adapting learning resources into best practice online products
  • managing the development and delivery of effective online learning resources, courses and professional development experiences
  • teaching and training internationally, working with a wide range of stakeholders and a high level of cultural competency
  • transforming average training programs into extraordinary learning experiences

Maria has worked for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Samoa and Kiribati, Coffey International, AusTraining International, Deakin University, Griffith University, Curtin University, Polytechnic West, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services in Western Australia, the British Council and range of other not-for-profit and private organisations in Australia.

In November 2018, Maria was appointed Online Learning Specialist for the Fiji ‘Head of Schools’ Skill Development Program for Sustainable Skills, and is currently working with a team of two other experts who have been deployed to Suva, Fiji to kick-off the project which will be delivered over approximately six and a half months from November 2018 to May 2019. The team will spend part of their time in-country in Fiji consulting with stakeholders and part of their time working remotely from other locations.

Maria holds a Master of Education, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment,  a Certificate IV in TESOL, a CELTA, and a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages.

If you’re interested in how Maria can deliver positive outcomes in your market or for your organisation, please contact us.