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Vocational Training Program Bigen Africa

Vocational Training Program-Bigen Africa

Project title: Improving project preparation through skills increases
Timing: March 2013 – December 2013
Location: Australia, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Namibia, Zambia
Client: Bigen Africa
Project Sponsor: AusAid 



The background

Poor infrastructure is an impediment to economic and social development across Africa. The resources sector in particular is affected, as recognized in the African Union’s Mining Vision, a key aspect of which is development of infrastructure to service resource corridors in specific regions of Africa. To ensure this is possible, professionals responsible for public infrastructure in local service agencies must have the skills to plan and implement infrastructure projects.

The opportunity

The program, a collaboration between AusAid, the Australia Africa Partnership Facility and Bigen Africa, commenced in March 2013, aimed at building the capacity of local service agencies across Africa to manage the successful completion of project design and preparation processes for infrastructure projects supporting extractive Industries and community development.

The solution

To achieve substantial improvements in the quality of project preparation for mining-related infrastructure projects, a pilot program across six African countries to develop a vocational action-learning program for key financial and technical professionals in local Government service agencies was implemented. To complete this project, Sustainable Skills (formerly SkillsDMC) directed the delivery of on-the-job learning enabling the participants of the project to gain experience, understanding and knowledge relating to skills development of Infrastructure Project Management. The direction provided by Sustainable Skills ensured a coordinated, logical methodology was applied to the delivery of the project, to ensure quality and relevance of the intended program, with the legacy of a measurable, replicable model.

The benefit

Evaluation of partcipants’ outcomes revealed that partcipants had developed an awareness and understanding of integrated project management and its benefits. As a result of the program several partcipants had been empowered to seek out further studies in project finance and management; participants were also very keen to share their learnings with colleagues and management.

Vocational Training Program-Africa