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Vocational Education in Indonesia

The Crucial Role of Vocational Education in Indonesia

We are sharing an article on TVET system in Indonesia published by The Global Business Guide, a France-based information site specialized in providing business intelligence on the most promising emerging markets for local and foreign investors. The article gives a good overview of the growing importance of TVET system in Indonesia.
As Indonesia transitions to become a knowledge-based economy a well functioning TVET system aligned to market demand will be vital for future growth. The current TVET system faces a fundamental mismatch between the supply and demand of skills, and the relevance and applicability of practical skills taught in TVET institutions. The Indonesian government lays strong emphasis on improving and expanding the TVET system. The government is working towards increasing public-private partnership, building more vocational schools and increasing marketability of skills to promote free movement of labour.

To read the full article via The Global Business Guide website click here.