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Skills for Work Program

We are proud to introduce a new program, specifically developed to support Resources and Infrastructure operations across the globe.

This resource kit contains the learning and assessment materials necessary for the delivery of the Skills for Work in the Extractive and Civil Infrastructure Industries program. This is an entry level program for new or existing workers to the Resources and Infrastructure sector.

The program package includes:

  • Program Guide
  • Learner Workbooks
  • Assessment Toolkits
  • Training Log Book
  • Mapping and Solutions Guide
  • Building Core Skills for Work Guide (for language, literacy and numeracy)

The Units in the program are as follows:

  • SDMC-BEF201A- Plan and organise work
  • SDMC-CCM201A- Carry out measurements and calculations
  • SDMC-COM201A- Communicate in the workplace
  • SDMC-ENV201A- Identify and assess environmental and heritage concerns
  • SDMC-QUA201A- Maintain and monitor site quality standards
  • SDMC-RIS201A- Conduct local risk control
  • SDMC-SAM201A- Handle resources and infrastructure materials and safely dispose of non toxic materials
  • SDMC-SAM203A- Use hand and power tools
  • SDMC-WHS201A- Work safety and follow workplace health and safely policies and procedures