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Developing and Building the RII Training Package

RII Training Package Case Study

Project title: Development and Maintenance of the RII Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package
Timing: 2003 – 2016
Location: Australia
Client: Australian Government and Australian Resources and Infrastructure Industry

The background

It is the right and expectation of all Australians to go to work and return home uninjured. That right is an undisputed fundamental value of the modern day Resources and Infrastructure Industry. For Industry to uphold these high safety standards it must ensure that workplaces are safe and that employees have the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out their jobs safely.

The opportunity

There is nowhere more critical when it comes to skills and verification of safety standards than in the Resources and Infrastructure Industry.  A high-risk Industry by its very nature, the importance of Industry validated competency standards cannot be overstated. Between 2003 and 2016, Sustainable Skills (formerly SkillsDMC) has been engaged by the Australian Government to develop and maintain the Resources and Infrastructure Industry (RII) Training Package.

The solution

Working with Industry, Sustainable Skills (formerly SkillsDMC) developed the Competency Framework, to guide Resources and Industry Training. The Framework outlines the skills and knowledge workers must have to carry out their jobs safely and underpins productivity, efficiency and strong safety culture. It is referenced worldwide as the Industry standard and forms the backbone of Industry safety and productivity in Australia. Developed by Industry for Industry, Sustainable Skills (formerly SkillsDMC) collaborated closely with more than 200 Resources and Infrastructure Industry companies to develop the RII Training Package.

The benefit

Today the RII Training Package continues to play a pivotal role in Industry safety and standards. Sustainable Skills (formerly SkillsDMC) is now taking Australian experience and expertise worldwide to develop competency frameworks, provide workforce planning and development strategies to build local capacity.

This work was undertaken with the assistance of funding provided by the Commonwealth Government through the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education.